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What is Electric Playhouse?

Step out of your ordinary into a world previously only possible in dreams. Electric Playhouse is an all-ages dining, gaming and recreation wonderland that requires no goggles or equipment to transport you to another reality. Lightning has struck–and now you can discover the future of fun for yourself.

Choose the Tickets for Your Next Adventure

You do NOT need tickets to visit our main cafe, bar, or lobby attractions anytime during open hour.

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Come Dine With Us

Cafe & Bar

Electric Playhouse has a Cafe and bar that serves delicious appetizers, meals and drinks throughout operating hours, open to the public whether you buy a ticket to the playhouse games or not.

Immersive Dining

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We also host immersive dinners, lunches and other dining events that take full advantage of our interactive projection creative power and feature very special menus by Chef Julian Griego and guest chefs.


Want to make an impact with your next group event or party? Rediscover imagination with your VIP’s and give ‘em something to talk about while Electric Playhouse provides the food, fun & frolic to make your private event a sparkling success.
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